Customer Execution Details By Campaign

Returns an array of all customer IDs and the details associated with each customer for a particular campaign ID.


  • If supplied, CustomerAttributes must contain one or more valid attribute names (see GetCustomerAttributeList) separated by semicolons (;). The values are returned in the same order as the attribute names specified in the request.
  • The customer attribute values returned are the current (latest available) values, not those on the campaign date.
  • If the optional request parameter IncludeControlGroup is set to True, the results returned will include the customer IDs of customers who were included in the campaign's control group (i.e., those customers included in the campaign's target group but who did not actually receive the campaign). When included, these customers are identified in the response by an ActionID of 1, ChannelID of 100, and TemplateID of -1.
  • All times are returned in UTC.
  • Channel ID must be provided while calling this function upon receiving an event type 13 notification.

Sample Request;Country&IncludeControlGroup=True

Sample Response

  {"CustomerID":"A1342","ActionID":14,"ChannelID":15,"TemplateID":"60","ScheduleTime":"2018-09-01 10:00:00",
  {"CustomerID":"A9258","ActionID":14,"ChannelID":15,"TemplateID":"60","ScheduleTime":"2018-09-01 10:00:00",
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