This API is for managing SMS consent.

Consent is managed in a table containing a composite primary key

Customer + Mobile Number

This table is updated in real time e.g. if an SMS recipient replies with STOP

  • When a STOP SMS is received then all customers with the Mobile Number are unsubscribed.
  • A Customer can have multiple mobile numbers over time

This table is exposed in customer profile as SMS_CONSENT


Authentication is via basic HTTP authentication

  • the username is your app api key
  • the password is your server key

You should not expose these values in client side code (e.g. javascript)


The API supports optionally passing a timestamp field with new events. The behaviour is as follows:

  • If the supplied CustomerId + Mobile Number is new then the unsubscribed date will be the timestamp supplied
  • If the supplied CustomerId + Mobile Number already existed then it will only be updated if the timestamp in the payload is newer