Update Campaign Metrics

Reports to Optimove post-execution metrics for campaigns executed by a third-party marketing execution system.


  • Reported metrics are stored by campaign execution date.
  • When not supplied, RecipientGroupID defaults to 1, which is the test group in case of a test/control campaign or the A group in the case of an A/B campaign.
  • This function can be called as often as desired; the most up-to-date values received for the campaign’s metrics will be displayed in the campaign analysis report.
  • Available ChannelID values can be seen here, and you can also retrieve the available execution channel IDs and associated channel names using the GetExecutionChannels function.
  • This function does not return a payload. A successful call will return a response code of 200 (success). Refer to an explanation of the other possible response codes at Function Error Response Codes.

Sample Request


Sample Response

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