Update Campaign Interactions

Reports to Optimove customer interactions with campaigns executed by a third-party marketing execution system.


  • When not supplied, RecipientGroupID defaults to 1, which is the test group in case of a test/control campaign or the A group in the case of an A/B campaign.
  • The CustomerIDs array may contain a maximum of 10,000 rows (customers) each time this function is called.
  • Available ChannelID values can be seen here, and you can also retrieve the available execution channel IDs and associated channel names using the GetExecutionChannels function.
  • This function should be called upon each new campaign interaction. Optimove will aggregate the number of interactions based on the provided data upon multiple calls with the same parameters. This will allow users to have the campaign analysis channel metrics as clickable numbers. Once clicked, the list of interacted customers will be displayed in Optimove’s customer explorer.
  • This function does not return a payload. A successful call will return a response code of 200 (success). Refer to an explanation of the other possible response codes at Function Error Response Codes.

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Sample Response

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