Allows to retrieve email addresses that are a part of a global unsubscribe list of a particular brand.


  • This function supports a maximum of 10 calls in parallel
  • A maximum page size of 10 thousand (10,000) results is allowed. To request subsequent pages of results, repeat the request with the additional parameter $skip=n where n is the number of resulting records of the entire result set to skip over when returning the current page.
  • StartDate and EndDate refers to the date range when an unsubscribe email was created (inclusive)
  • If StartDate and EndDate are not provided the response will include the entire list
  • StartDate and EndDate parameters must be formatted exactly as depicted above
  • All times are returned in UTC

Sample Request


Sample Response

  {"Email":"[email protected]", "UnsubscribedTime":2020-03-16 08:00:00},
  {"Email":"[email protected]", "UnsubscribedTime":2020-03-17 08:00:00}
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