Add Channel Apps

Adds app IDs and associated names that will be available for selection when running a campaign via the specified channel (typically required when using push notification channels).


  • A maximum of 100 templates may be deleted with one call.
  • If an AppID being added already exists, it will be replaced with the AppName specified in the call.
  • Once added, an app can be deleted by calling the DeleteChannelApps function.
  • Available ChannelID values can be seen here, and you can also retrieve the available execution channel IDs and associated channel names using the GetExecutionChannels function.
  • This function does not return a payload. A successful call will return a response code of 200 (success). Refer to an explanation of the other possible response codes at Function Error Response Codes.

Sample Request

  {"TemplateID":1,"TemplateName":"Welcome Back English"},
  {"TemplateID":2,"TemplateName":"Welcome Back Spanish","AppID":"app123"}

Sample Response

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