Customer Actions By Target Group

Returns a list of customers and the details of the marketing actions they received, for a particular target group ID on a particular date.


  • By specifying a ChannelID, you can limit the results returned to marketing actions sent via a particular channel. You can see the available ChannelID values here and retrieve the available execution channel IDs and associated channel names using the GetExecutionChannels function.
  • The results may optionally include customer IDs of customers included in the control group (i.e., those who did not actually receive the campaign). To include these customers in the response, set IncludeControlGroup=1 (if omitted or set to 0, control group customer IDs will not be returned). If included, the response identifies these customers by an ActionID of 1.
  • This function does not return information about a one-time campaign; thus, an error results if -1 is passed as the target group ID. To retrieve information about one-time campaigns, use GetCustomerOneTimeActionsByDate or GetCustomerOneTimeActionsByCampaign.

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