Update Customer Attributes

Updates attribute values for particular customer IDs.


  • Attributes are identified by their RealFieldName values. You can retrieve all available customer attribute names and a description of each using the GetCustomerAttributeList function or by accessing the Customer Attributes list in Optimove’s interface and exporting the list.
  • Attribute values supplied in this call overwrite any previous values in the database.
  • Each call may include up to 1,000 customer IDs, with a maximum of 10 attributes per customer ID.
  • To avoid high volumes of these requests, which may result in delays, it is recommended only to use this call for specific customer attributes based on your use cases.
  • If a Callback URL was defined, you would receive the following response to the Webhook up to 1 minute after the call:
    • IsSuccess: true or false
    • Request ID
    • Error in case of failure. The error will consist of error details, customer id, and real field name. Possible values for Error in the response:
      • 1:“INVALID_CUSTOMER” = Specified CustomerID does not exist
      • 2:“INVALID_FIELD” = Specified RealFieldName does not exist
      • 3:“INVALID_VALUE” = Specified value is invalid
      • 4:“UPDATE_FIELD_TEMPORARY_UNAVAILABLE” = Update for is temporarily unavailable. If you receive this error message, please get in touch with Optimove’s support team to enable this.
  • Please note that this API call was previously accessed by a different request and responded differently, with a different logic. Starting in June 2023, this API call will support only the documented way.

Examples for reference:



Sample Request

  "CustomerNewAttributesValuesList": [{
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