Add Customer Attribute

Add a new customer attribute.


  • Limitation: Up to 40 attributes can be added via API
  • Attributes created via the AddCustomerAttribute function can only be updated using the UpdateCustomerAttributes function.
  • If a Callback URL was defined, you will receive the following response to the Webhook up to 1 minute after the call:
    • Attribute Name
    • IsSuccess: true or false
    • Error ID and error message in case of failure. Possible values for Error in case of failure in the response:
      • 1 = Attribute was not added. The number of attributes added exceeds the 40 attributes limit
      • 2 = Attribute was not added. Specified RealFieldName already exists
      • 3 = Attribute was not added, field_Type Input should be 'DECIMAL(19,4), 'INT', 'BIGINT', 'DATE' ,'VARCHAR(X)' or 'NVARCHAR(X)'
      • 4 = Attribute was not added, 'CHAR' value (DefaultValue) cannot be inserted into a column with data type 'INT'
      • 5 = Attribute was not added, a general error occurred

Examples for reference:

{"attributeName":"LoDoTestNVarcharr11","isSuccess":false,"errorId":"3","errorMsg":"Attribute was not added, Type Input should be 'DECIMAL(19,4), 'INT', 'BIGINT', 'DATE' ,'VARCHAR(X)' or 'NVARCHAR(X)'."}


{"attributeName":"LoDoTestNVarcharr17","isSuccess":false,"errorId":"2","errorMsg":"Attribute was not added, specified RealFieldName already exists."}

Sample Request

  "Name":"VIP Level",
  "DefaultValue":"Bronze" (optional),
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