Roles & Permissions

Optimove provides different roles and permissions to control access to the API endpoints based on user requirements. The following roles define the level of access and functionality for each user:

API Role / Admin

The "API Role" or "Admin" role has unrestricted access to all API endpoints without functional limitations. However, there is an overall rate limit applicable to this role. To learn more about the rate limits, please refer to the Rate Limits guide.

3rd Party / External Integration

The "3rd Party" or "External Integration" role is designed for users who require access to specific functionalities for general functions, action-related operations, target group-related operations, and external systems integration. The permissions for this role are defined during the generation of the user token, allowing fine-grained control over the user's capabilities.

Transactional User

The "Transactional" user role provides access to all endpoints, including the "transactional" functionality. Users with this role can utilize the full range of API endpoints, including those related to transactional operations.

Please ensure that users are assigned the appropriate roles and permissions based on their intended usage and the level of access required.