Sandbox Environment Usage Guide

In the Optimove Sandbox environment, clients and third parties can test and simulate Optimove APIs before going live. This environment is used when building your integration with Optimove for channel execution or promotion integration. The Sandbox site simulates an Optimove production site, so you can set up customer campaigns to verify your API integration.


General information

Sandbox for Third parties

How to use sandbox

Requesting Access

To request Sandbox Site and API access, fill out one of the relevant forms:


  • Once you fill in one of the requests form, the Optimove Product Integration team will review you request and create relevant access.
  • If any of the details in the request form are unclear, the Product Integration Team will contact you, therefore please enter a valid email address.

Sandbox Endpoints

Links to Documentation

Channel integration: Integrate your Service with Optimove

Promo system integration: Promotion System Integration

Sandbox general Channel ID list

Optimove created a pre-defined channel ID for most general channel executions in the Sandbox environment. Please use the below list to test with the relevant Channel ID.

  • Email: 504
  • SMS: 505
  • Call Center: 502
  • Push Notification: 506
  • Web Push: 510
  • In-Platform (in-app): 511

Note: Once in production, the CS Solution Engineer will provide you with your production Channel ID.

Sandbox Best Practices

When working with Optimove's Sandbox environment, we suggest following the best practices:

  1. Registering your Event Listener for Event Type 13 with a specific channel will reduce the number of notifications you will receive to only the relevant channel you are testing. Remember, this is a shared environment, and there are other campaigns running on similar channels or different ones.
  2. Do not delete campaigns that you did not create. This can affect the implementation of other integrations.
  3. If you are using Sandbox to integrate with your promotion system, you do not require to register a listener with a specific channel. This is optional.

Sandbox Limitations

  1. The Sandbox environment supports the testing and integration of only scheduled campaigns
  2. Real-time campaigns cannot be tested on the Sandbox site.
  3. The Sandbox environment consists of dummy data therefore you are unable to upload real data.
  4. The Sandbox environment is a static environment and does not have updated daily data, therefore creating campaigns for future dates & times is not supported

Third Party API List

Third parties accessing Optimove API have limited access to the API list. The API list below represents all APIs required to execute a campaign through your channel. Below you will find the allowed API for Third Party Sandbox & Production API access.

API CategoryAvailable APIsNotes
/current/general/GetLastDataUpdateWill not work due to lack of daily in Sandbox environment only
/current/general/RegisterEventListenerOnly EventType=2 will not work due to a lack of daily in the Sandbox environment only

Executing a Pre-scheduled Test Campaign in the Sandbox site

  1. In Optimove site, go to One-to-One campaign -> Campaign Builder

  2. Select a random test Target Group - You can duplicate an existing one and rename it

  3. In order to be able to create and run multiple campaigns for the same set of customers, you should always tick the "Include All" section (see below):

  4. In the "Scheduling" section choose the current date as a Start date and a random measurement way.

  5. In the "Execution Details" section, select a random Action

  6. When choosing a Channel, choose the exact same one you registered a listener to (see Integrate Your Service with Optimove - Best Practices).

  7. Choose one of the templates you have synchronized to this channel

  8. For “Time” select your time NOW plus 10 mins (example: Say the time now is 10:00, then choose 10:10).

  9. Click the “Create campaign” button to schedule the campaign

  10. Since the sandbox does not run automatically with updated daily data, you need to go to Mission Control and search for your campaign, click on the three dots on Run Today's Occurrence (Play button) in order to send the campaign (see image below):

  11. After quick processing, the notification should be sent to your registered listener endpoint

  12. Now you can retrieve the campaign details


  1. Who can provide me access to the sandbox?
    Please see Requesting Access above.

  2. We are not receiving any event in case of scheduled campaigns unless we press 'Run' and ignore the warning. Is this the valid step?
    This is a valid behavior in the Sandbox environment. In your / client's production instance, a daily process will run the pre-scheduled campaigns and fire the event notifications.

  3. Where can we see the metrics which we posted using UpdateCampaignMetrics?
    The client will see the Campaign Analysis inside their production Optimove instance. This cannot be simulated in the Sandbox environment.

  4. What Channel ID should we use?
    In the Sandbox environment, you will be able to use the generic channels (Email, SMS, etc). Please see Requesting Access above and fill out the relevant form. The Product Integration Team will enable the relevant channel requested.

    Please Note: Once in production, the Channel ID will be changed to your real designated Channel ID that will be created for you.

  5. Why do I see many templates under my chosen channel?
    Since it's a shared environment, other Optimove’ clients, vendors/partners are synchronizing their templates for testing purposes only.

  6. Will I see the templates I have added using the AddTemplate function?
    Yes, you can use the AddTemplate function in the Sandbox environment.

Note: Since the Sandbox environment is a shared environment with other users, your template will be visible to them as well. If this is not an issue, it can remain in the Sandbox. If it is an issue, please use the UpdateTemplate to change the content of the template accordingly.