Data Share Overview

Optimove aggregates and enriches data describing your customers and campaigns which can be leveraged outside of Optimove to enhance BI reporting and other data intensive integrations.

Optimove Data Shares is a data repository consisting of unified, cleansed, and enriched datasets that can be shared to extract valuable insights. These Data Shares contain a record of all data Optimove collects from multiple sources for marketing personalization. For example, this includes historical customer data, real-time web & app activity, as well as new data points generated by Optimove such as predictive modelling and data from marketing activity.

Accessing the Optimove Data Shares

Optimove Data Shares are being stored, managed, and shared using Snowflake cloud-based architecture. By leveraging Snowflake’s data sharing capabilities, Optimove Data Shares are instantly available for analysis and querying when connected to a shared Snowflake Database.

For non-Snowflake users, the Optimove Data Lake can be accessed and queried using a Reader Account - an ad-hoc provisioned account for clients that seek to enrich their data integration with Optimove, while not a Snowflake client.

This architecture enables seamless data integration with internal data visualization tools, eliminating the need to store data in your data warehouse, set up endless API integrations, or create custom solutions.

The Optimove Data Share will be updated daily and provides in-the-moment access to data.


For further details about pricing and terms, contact Optimove Customer Success or Account Managers

Available Datasets

The Optimove Data Share will provide access to datasets containing the following entities:

  • Customers – This dataset provides access to Optimove's Single Customer View (SCV). The SCV contains customer data which has been aggregated, processed, and enriched by Optimove to create hundreds of customer attributes. These attributes describe demographic data, behavioral data, monetary activity, predictive values as well as a summary of marketing activities received per customer.

  • Campaigns – This dataset provides details and engagement metrics of all campaigns executed by Optimove. This dataset includes when campaigns were executed, which campaigns are being executed, assets included in each campaign, and all engagement metrics for completed campaigns.

Future versions will include -

  • Transactions – This dataset provides a granular view of all transactional activity. In the Customers dataset, transactional data is aggregated to analyze customer behavior based on their purchasing patterns. This dataset provides granular details on every transaction, such as products bought, amount of money spent and the different attributes of each transaction .

  • Target Groups: This dataset provides details on your Target Groups, which are dynamic segments of customers based on conditions set in Optimove. Data includes Target Group conditions, which campaigns customers were eligible for, and which campaign customers were allocated to based on Optimove’s priority and exclusion orchestration engine.

Technical Notes

Update rate - Data is being updated daily, and including in it all of the same day calculations and targeting plan.

Updates are incremental, and support each environments retroactive update configurations to support retro data updates.

Timestamps are configured to be identical with your environment configurations