Customer Profiles

-- FOR V1.1


The Customers Data Lake stores a daily snapshot of the customer profile table. The customer profile contains the Single Customer View, which includes all customer attributes that Optimove is managing. This table enables the analysis of how customer attributes change over time, which can be used to track customer behavior and preferences.

The Customers data lake is a valuable resource for understanding customer behavior and optimizing marketing campaigns based on their preferences and actions.


Please note - Customers are only recorded to this data lake while being New / Active / Churn. Dormant customers are not recorded (the most recent record of a dormant customer is on the last day the customer was in Churn lifecycle stage

Use Cases and Examples

  • What is the value of attribute X for Customer Y?
  • Who are the customers with Max / min / specific percentile value, on attribute X, on a specific timeframe?w
  • Customer allocation to lifecycle stages, grouping and analysis.
  • Analyzing trends of values among customers / groups.
  • Predictive values over time, migration between buckets.
  • Data QA -
    • How many unique values does attribute X has?
    • Count empty values
    • Last update date of a certain value

Columns Description

  • All other column are different for each client.

Previous Versions

To interpret a single field in the customer profile, you can use the BI.CUSTOMERPROFILEFIELDMAPPING view. This table contains all the necessary information to understand each field, including its name, data type, and description.