Duo Single-Sign-On

This document describes how to integrate Optimove with Duo’s identity provider system, to implement a SAML-based Single-Sign-On flow in Optimove.

Follow these instructions to prepare your Duo account for integration with Optimove.

Setting Up the Integration in Duo

  1. Create a user in Optimove
  2. Sign into your Duo admin account at https://duo.com/
  3. Integrate the Duo SSO account with the below Duo docs:

Basic SAML Configuration

Make sure to add the below values for the Duo Integration:

Please use the Information you copied/downloaded (Login URL and SAML certificate in .PEM or .CER format only) and share it with the Optimove team in the following form- https://run.ply.io/run/O3mR1BE5 this will open a ticket for the Optimove team to finalize the integration.

Optimove will then notify you once the configuration is ready and schedule a date to turn on the SSO connection.

Optional – You may add a test user credentials in the form; this test user should be created by you in both Optimove and Duo with Optimove as the assigned application; this user will be used to test the integration by the Optimove team