Campaign Results

Data and metrics of completed campaigns

Explore Optimove's campaign results using this dataset, updated daily with metrics about campaigns that have been completed. In Optimove, this type of data is accessible by Mission Control and Campaign Analysis pages, providing data about the performance of a single campaign and aggregative data of several campaigns.

This table presents a row for each campaign occurance, on each KPI tracked by Optimove, on each lifecyclestage. Viewing a certain campaign occurrence performance can be achieved by summing [INCREASE_IN] for a selected KPI, from all lifecycle stages involved.


  • On different versions, a campaign's ID may appear as PLAN_ID. This value relates to a campaign ID, containing several PLAN_DETAIL_ID , representing campaign occurrences.
  • It is recommended to stay up to date with the different VIEWS available for this data. Learn more about additional views on this data

V1.0 -


Glossary -

  • CAMPAIGN_TYPE values -
    • 1 - Test / Control
    • 2 - A/B/n
    • 3 - A/B
    • 4 - No Control
    • 5 - Self - Optimizing
  • TARGET_GROUP_PRIORITY - Represents the target group priority as set in Manage Target Groups in Optimove. The value 1000000 relates to Auto-Priority target groups.
  • PLAN_DETAIL_ID - A campaign's action ID. Each action in a campaign is represented by an ID. e,g In Test / Control campaigns two different PLAN_DETAIL_ID will appear.
  • PLAN_GROUPSIZE - The overall number of customers in a campaign in this campaign

Use Cases & Examples

  • Which are my top performing campaign, by KPI X, on timeframe Y?
    WHERE KPI = 'Net Revenue' AND 
          EXECUTION_DATE >= '2023-06-11' AND 
          END_TEST_DATE <= '2023-12-31'
    ORDER BY TotalKPIIncrease DESC
    LIMIT 10;
  • How many campaigns do I have with campaign property X (reevaluate, run now, run anyway, conditional exec, recurrence type) in timeframe Y?
  • Which and How many campaigns were targeted on TG X?
  • Which and How many campaigns were targeted on Action Y?
  • SELECT PLAN_ID, COUNT(*) AS ActionYCount
    WHERE ACTION_TYPE = 'Action Y'
    ORDER BY ActionYCount DESC;
  • Which and How many campaigns were targeted on Channel W?
  • Which and How many test types (SOC, test / control, A/B/N) were launched on timeframe X?
  • Performance by test types (SOC, test / control, A/B/N) were launched on timeframe X?
  • Which and How many ad-hoc campaigns and recurring campaigns were out on timeframe X?

Table Columns

Column NameDescriptionData TypeFormat
PLAN_IDA Campaign's IDString
EXECUTION_DATECampaign start dayDateyyyy-mm-dd
END_TEST_DATELast day of testingDateyyyy-mm-dd
TARGET_GROUP_NAMEName of target groupString
LIFECYCLE_STAGEName of lifecycle stageString
KPIName of key performance indicatorString
IS_DEFAULT_KPIFlag to indicate if KPI is defaultBoolean
KPI_DISTRIBUTION_TYPEType of KPI distributionString
CAMPAIGN_TYPEType of campaignString
TARGET_GROUP_PRIORITYPriority of target groupInteger
IS_AUTO_PRIORITYFlag to indicate if priority is auto-generatedBoolean
PLAN_GROUPSIZESize of target group according to planInteger
IS_AVERAGE_SIGNIFICANCEFlag to indicate if average value is significantBoolean
IS_RESPONSE_RATE_SIGNIFICANCEFlag to indicate if response rate is significantBoolean
INCREASE_INIncrease in KPIFloat
INCREASE_PER_CUSTOMERIncrease in KPI per customerFloat
IS_COMPLETEDFlag to indicate if campaign is completedBoolean
PLAN_DETAIL_IDCampaign occurrence IDString
IS_CONTROLFlag to indicate if plan detail group is a control groupBoolean
PLAN_DETAIL_GROUP_SIZESize of target group according to plan occurrenceInteger
PLAN_DETAIL_NUMBER_OF_RESPONDENTSNumber of customers who responded to campaign occurrenceInteger
PLAN_DETAIL_RESPONSE_RATEResponse rate of campaign occurrenceFloat
PLAN_DETAIL_AVGVALUEAverage value of campaign occurrenceFloat
PLAN_DETAIL_STDEV_VALUEStandard deviation of campaign occurrenceFloat
PLAN_DETAIL_AVG_LOG_VALUEAverage logarithmic value of campaign occurrenceFloat
PLAN_DETAIL_VAR_LOG_VALUEVariance of logarithmic value of campaign occurrenceFloat
PLAN_DETAIL_NUMBER_OF_CLICKED_AND_RESPONDNumber of customers who clicked and responded to campaign occurrenceInteger
PLAN_DETAIL_AVG_VALUE_OF_CLICKED_AND_RESPONDAverage value of customers who clicked and responded to campaign occurrenceFloat