Scheduled Campaigns

Explore all past, present and future campaigns and all their different properties

This shared table contains the details of all campaigns that were set in Optimove, alongside its metadata that can be used for further analysis by any campaign property. This data can be used to group by different properties such as Notes & Tags, Actions and Channels for insightful analysis.

Each row represents a channel within an action of a campaign occurrence. Actions are set in Optimove Campaign Builder, under the Execution section. Campaign Actions that are split into more than one channel will be represented in different rows, each represented by PLAN_DETAIL_CHANNEL_ID. Channels that test more than one template will be represented by the first template only in order of their appearance in Campaign Builder.



This table stores the details of campaigns that are planned to be executed and already set with mission control.


    • 'DN' represents control groups that are not being targeted with any communication ("Do Nothing")
    • Test/Control - Represents a simple campaign using a single action tested against a control group
    • Self-Optimizing - Represents a campaign configured to optimize its action distribution according to performance. Read more
    • A/B/N - Represents a campaign with multiple actions, may or maynot include a control group.
    • A/B - Represents a campaign testing only two actions, without a control group.
    • No Control - A campaign with a single test group only
    • The Action name that was used in a campaign. An action is set on a campaign action level, and managed in Optimove under Plan > Actions.

Table Description

Column NameDescriptionTypeFormat
PLAN_IDA Campaign's IDNumber
MARKETING_ACTION_NAMEName of the marketing actionString
TARGETGROUPNAMEName of the target group for this campaignString
LEAD_TIMELead time for the campaignString
SELECTED_GAIN_KPIKPI that was selected for the campaignString
IS_IMPACT_ENABLEDFlag to indicate if impact is enabledBoolean
EXECUTION_START_DATEStart date of the campaignDateyyyy-mm-dd
EXECUTION_END_DATEEnd date of the campaignDateyyyy-mm-dd
TAGSTags associated with the campaignString
IS_REAL_SCHEDULED_CAMPAIGNFlag to indicate if the campaign is real or scheduledBoolean
EXCLUDE_BY_CHANNEL_FLAGFlag to indicate if some channels were excludedBoolean
IMPACT_LENGTH_PLANNEDACTIONSCONFIGURATIONLength of the impact of the campaignInteger
PLAN_DETAIL_IDOccurrence ID of this campaignString
ACTION_NAMEName of the actionString
IS_ACTION_GROUPFlag to indicate if this is a group actionBoolean
ACTIONTYPEType of the actionString
ISOLATION_VOLUMEIsolation volume for the actionInteger
PLAN_DETAIL_CHANNEL_IDChannel ID for the actionString
EXECUTION_METHOD_IDExecution method for the actionString
PROMOTION_IDPromotion ID for the actionString
CONDITIONAL_EXECUTION_NAMEName of the conditional executionString
DISPLAY_ORDERDisplay order for the actionInteger
UI_PANEL_IDID of the UI panelString
RECURRENCE_PATERNRecurrence pattern for the campaignString
NEXT_RUNTIMENext runtime of the campaignDateyyyy-mm-dd
REPEAT_TIMESNumber of times the campaign should repeatInteger
NOTESNotes associated with the campaignString
LAST_MODIFY_USERNAMEName of the user who last modified the campaignString
LAST_MODIFY_DATEDate the campaign was last modifiedDateyyyy-mm-dd