Getting Started with OptiX

Overview of required data to get started with Opti-X and data ingestion methods

Prepare Your Data

The Opti-X platform relies on the following types of required data ingested from the operator. Integration with Opti-X is as easy as ABC - Activity, Bettable content and Consume.


  1. Customer transactions
    1. A preferably real-time feed of data describing customer activity with the operator, typically sourced from the back-end platform.
    2. This could include customer account and transactional activity (registrations, logins, deposits and withdrawals) as well as game play/bets and game session-level data showing summarised spins, stakes, and winnings.
    3. Where it is not possible to receive transactions in real time they can be received via daily batch e.g. casino game transactions (session wins/losses) may not be visible from the operator's app but can be retrieved from a data warehouse.
  2. Browsing activity
    1. Real-time data showing customer browsing behaviour and interactions with digital touchpoints.
    2. This includes page views, game launches and other tracking events showing customer intent. This data often already exists as it is sent to web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.
  3. Historical customer activity
    1. To give our modelling framework a head-start we typically ask for 3-6 months of historical data from the operator (usually sourced from their data warehouse) in a mutually agreed format. This extract is ingested as a one-off as it is replaced by the ongoing real-time feeds once up and running.

Bettable content

  1. Games inventory data
    1. For Gaming this is the list of games that are currently available to play on the site. This is typically collected via an Opti-X process that interrogates the live gaming site and extracts the inventory using the same APIs that the site itself uses to get game information from the gaming platform.
    2. To enrich the information we hold on games we typically maintain a games reference file that adds descriptive data like categories, RTP and jackpot type information. This is also mapped internally to our industry-wide games database which adds further categorisation. This file is maintained as a manual process in collaboration with the operator and uploaded using our Reference API or directly via our Admin application.
  2. Sports inventory
    1. A real-time view of the operator's available sports, competitions, events, markets and selections updated with changes in availability and prices.


How you get data from the Opti-X platform and in front of your customers. Use our simple RESTful APIs to integrate our content wherever you like.

Data ingestion Overview

Here are available methods for different types of data ingestion

Stream IngestionAPI IntegrationWeb/App SDKBatchOpti-X Admin uploads
Customer transactionsxxxx
Browsing activityxx
Historical customer activityx
Sports Inventory data (bettable content)x
Gaming Reference data (bettable content)xxx